Thursday, August 18, 2011


14.8.2011 - Baby E is now 3 months old! How time flies! Alhamdulillah. My love for you grow with each passing our baby chats together...u r just sooooo u so much darling!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me turning 3 months is 3 days! :)

Thank you Mak Ngah for the cute baby E loves it so much!  
Tengok how happy she is! hehehe

Oh btw, these are snap photos while waiting for the E is turning 3 months in 3 time flies!!!

You are my precious one

Me realize that I keep on snapping Baby E's pics that I forgot to be in it! Will try get more pics of us together yea...time really flies, you are turning 3 months in a few felt like only yesterday we brought you back home and I was learning the ropes, worrying if I'll be a good Mom to you. Now, I still worry all the time but I know that you are meant for me. All I want is to see you grow up happy. Like you have made me and Papa the moment you entered our lives. 

If only I can spend more time with you everyday. That is the only thing that saddens me. Each day at work I keep thinking about how soon I can be with you again. Will make sure no matter how limited time I have daily to be with you, every second is our precious time and most meaningful. Mama loves u baby! :)

All Red

Credit to Mak Ngah DJ...all red pulak...hehe

All pinky

Mama bought the net bouncer for home use...lagi satu kat rumah Wan Amah...malas nak dok carry sana sini so got you a pink bouncer...then realise you have pink baju snap snap away! :)

baby carrier saves the day!

Papa said baby E dah momok so lenguh satu badan....thank you baby carrier...tapi tak syoklah sgt for Mama...i still wanna hold you close to my arms when me dodoi baby E to sleep so maybe I'll just use this if terpaksa ye...lenguh pun takpe...there's a thing called spa :)

Pics I forgot to goes