Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faces of Baby E - Part 2

Can't get enuff of Baby E huh?

Cian anak Mama kena tepek banyak bedak!

Papa did this to Baby E, not Mama ye. hehe. 

Faces of Baby E

You grow by the day, just like the love we have for you :)

Thank u Wan Cubi for this cute baju :)


Me heart mornings!

Baby E love mornings :) 

It's the best feeling in the world when you greet me with a smile every morning. One smile made the whole day worth living.

This photo attracted many fans in FB :)

You're loved by Mak Ngah and Pak Cu

No doubt that Mak Ngah and Pak Cu love you to bits! I have a feeling you will be pampered so much...and be very the manja when you grow up :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Papa cant get enuff of Baby E

Honestly kan, Mama couldnt have done it without Papa tau Baby E. He has been so helpful...changing diapers, putting you to sleep when Mama is way to sleepy...Papa sampai berebut ngan Mama nak dukung Baby E. He sure cant get enough of you. We'll both be just like this 10, 20 years down the road, honey. You are our precious angel, now and always. Even if there will be lil bro and sisters in the picture in the future, insyaAllah. Trust us on this.

Keciknye baby E time ni!

Papa looks like Tok pulak pakai camni...hehe

Papa giving baby E the loving look :)

Baby E cakap apa tu?

Camni pun leh tido ye Babay E..awat kerut dahi tu?

Tido lagi Baby E ni...takpe Papa posing dulu

"Can I be close to your heart forever, Papa?"

A month in Tok n Wan's home

Baby E is filled with love at Tok and Wan's house. Mama needs to learn the ropes to take good care of Baby E so we decided to stay put for a month there. Every day has been a blessing, and despite the late nights and lack of sleep, Mama couldn't stop smiling every day at work. Or maybe Mama just overdosed on caffeine.

Hiccup...hic hic

Thanks Wan for the comfy loike

Hello there!

The day Baby E completes me

29th May 2011 - the day Baby E came into my life. The feeling was hard to describe, a mixture of happiness and heartfelt - my heart was smiling and crying at the same time. A part of me feel like screaming "I'm a MOM!" and another part of me still find it hard to believe it's finally happening. We're parents now to Baby E and life could not have been any more complete.

Thank you to my hubby for believing in me, to my friends (you know who you are) for making this happen for me, to my parents who gave their support, my aunts (Cubi and Alang) for your love and support, and my family for accepting baby E into our life. She is anugerah paling istimewa from Allah. Baby E, Mama promise you will have a wonderful life ahead of you - one filled with lots and lots of LOVE :)

The first pic of Baby E when we got home

 Wan Cubi and Pak Cu Imran overlooking baby E

Papa pun take the responsibility

"So comfylah Wan nyer perut ni"
Banyaknye kerut kat dahi anak mama ni

Hello world!

Thank you Papa tolong i teran nak poo poo