Thursday, August 11, 2011

You are my precious one

Me realize that I keep on snapping Baby E's pics that I forgot to be in it! Will try get more pics of us together yea...time really flies, you are turning 3 months in a few felt like only yesterday we brought you back home and I was learning the ropes, worrying if I'll be a good Mom to you. Now, I still worry all the time but I know that you are meant for me. All I want is to see you grow up happy. Like you have made me and Papa the moment you entered our lives. 

If only I can spend more time with you everyday. That is the only thing that saddens me. Each day at work I keep thinking about how soon I can be with you again. Will make sure no matter how limited time I have daily to be with you, every second is our precious time and most meaningful. Mama loves u baby! :)

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